Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Larimer Coke Works-Ardara, PA

The Ardara coke works contain two batteries of block ovens and sit between Brush Creek and Route 993. These ovens were constructed in 1871 and were a sort of Carnegie experiment. He was attempting to make coke from a fine slack coal instead of the usual Connellsville coal. The demand for slack coal in steam engines closed these coke works in 1900.

The cement blocks on these ovens were almost certainly added at later date.

It would appear that the Brush Creek side of the ovens is prone to flooding more than the Route 993 side.

One of the Brush Creek side ovens.

Inside of the oven.

A Norfolk Southern train traveling on the hillside above the ovens.

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  1. So cool! You can see these if you stand on Rt 993, close to where the speed limit changes to 45mph. A piece of history in our own back yard. We should be proud.