Thursday, May 30, 2013

Two old Monongahela Railroad stone arch bridges outside of Brownsville.

This is the first of the bridges. If you cross this bridge over Dunlap Creek and follow the old rail line it takes you to the other one (eventually).

An old sealed mine portal we came across.

Inside of the mine portal.

This is the second bridge. The Century Coke Works ovens are  around here somewhere but as you can see everything is all grown in. We were unable to find them.



  1. We were just there. The Coke ovens are on the other side of Dunlap creek. We actually saw the when we climbed on the bridge. You can see the cutout for the rail way. It is on the top of a hill. There must have been a separate trac that went over to the Coke ovens. We will try to get to them next year. There also must have been another bridge between the two stone arch bridges. There is a valley with a dirt road that had to be crossed.
    The Coke ovens looked in great shape.

    1. Great! I knew they were back there somewhere. The last time I was there it was in the middle of summer. It was hard to see much.