Saturday, February 22, 2014

Greensburg From A Mountain Top

I was looking for the remains of the old Radebaugh Pennsylvania Railroad tunnel and perhaps something from the old mine up there. What I found was probably the greatest view of Greensburg. I did find some possible evidence of the railroad tunnel but I think I'm taking that back to the drawing board.

Nice view of a train coming into town.

Courthouse and downtown. Seton Hill soccer field on the left.

I guess it was just the day that made this cool. This wouldn't be so great on a rainy day.

Seton Hill.

This old piece of an Amoco truck was just laying in the middle of the woods.

 These are some old photos of the Radebaugh Tunnel I was looking for. It was built in 1852 and I know it's gone but I was hoping to find some remains.

West portal of the Radebaugh Tunnel.

East portal of the Radebaugh tunnel.

Radebaugh Tunnel photos taken from the book "Triumph I- Altoona to Pitcairn 1846-1996" 1997 by Charles S. Roberts.


  1. Mike,

    Great stuff on your site. I too love exploring and looking for old mines/railroad tunnels. My friends and I actually spent an hour and a half combing the fields off of Mt. Thor road and trying to find the tunnel by following the old grades. Like you, we couldn’t really find anything. There was indeed mining above the tunnel back in the 70s and 80s, and the story goes that the people who were mining the hillside hit a seam and caused the mine to collapse. As the mine was above the tunnel, parts of the tunnel also collapsed. I’m guessing they just put ground over everything and covered it up. The track for the tunnel was out of service well before this, in ‘72 or so. This information was given to me by an old time rail enthusiast at my fire station. Even so, were you able to find any hints of a buried tunnel, or is everything pretty much gone????

    Thanks for keeping the history alive,

    1. Hi Christian. I only walked back there that one time and pretty much found the same thing you did. Absolutely nothing.I found where I think it was but it's definitely buried.