Saturday, February 22, 2014

Greensburg From A Mountain Top

I was looking for the remains of the old Radebaugh Pennsylvania Railroad tunnel and perhaps something from the old mine up there. What I found was probably the greatest view of Greensburg. I did find some possible evidence of the railroad tunnel but I think I'm taking that back to the drawing board.

Nice view of a train coming into town.

Courthouse and downtown. Seton Hill soccer field on the left.

I guess it was just the day that made this cool. This wouldn't be so great on a rainy day.

Seton Hill.

This old piece of an Amoco truck was just laying in the middle of the woods.

 These are some old photos of the Radebaugh Tunnel I was looking for. It was built in 1852 and I know it's gone but I was hoping to find some remains.

West portal of the Radebaugh Tunnel.

East portal of the Radebaugh tunnel.

Radebaugh Tunnel photos taken from the book "Triumph I- Altoona to Pitcairn 1846-1996" 1997 by Charles S. Roberts.

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