Sunday, November 9, 2014

Riddlesburg Coke Works

In Riddlesburg, PA is a very well restored example of a beehive coke oven block. The ovens dating from circa 1913 served a blast furnace belonging to the Colonial Iron and Coal Company. Previous to Colonial, The Kemble Coal and Iron Company operated two iron furnaces in the area. 

The stone from the iron furnaces was used for the masonry of the coke ovens. The operation lasted here until 1946 when the blast furnace was dismantled.

The Riddlesburg coke ovens offer a great insight into the construction of beehive ovens. The site also contains real coke working tools as well as an interpretation area. I will add more information as I find it.


Perfectly preserved.

Look at this hardware!!

Partially bricked oven.

A coke leveling tool.

Quenching hose and faucet.

A lot of coke left in this oven.

The rear of the block is not preserved. This looks like the many ovens you can find the woods.



This is an end of the block. I don't know if it collapsed on its own or if it was left this way as an interpretation.


  1. Another fascinating find Mike, was not aware of this set of ovens.

    Eric Johnson