Sunday, December 7, 2014

Marthabel Coke Works-Red Onion/Haydenville South Greensburg

Little is known about the Marthabel Coke Works. There is no mention of them in any of the major books about the Connellsville Coke Region. The only references we have appear in Department Of Mines reports and some trade journals. There is no mention of them that I have been able to find after 1916. 

What we do know is, there were 40 ovens and they were operated by the Northern Connellsville Coke Company. We also know all officers of the NCCC were located in Connellsville. 

Today, other than bricks in the ground, there are only traces of two of the forty ovens remaining. Somebody takes care of what's left. The ground around the two ovens is well kept. After looking around back there, it looks like the bank still does exist but is buried. The two ovens remaining appear to be the two of the last in the bank. The bank runs south from there and is buried under heavy vegetation. 

Regardless, it's still nice to find remnants of coke ovens in Greensburg.


This is it. The only remaining evidence of coke ovens in Greensburg that I'm aware of.

Some bricks laying around. I wasn't disturbing them. Somebody takes care of this area.

Evidence of a buried oven.


The following are a couple clips of Marthabel on a mine map.



The portion of the mine map showing Marthabel. The map is untitled but it shows the mines from South Greensburg the whole way out to Luxor.

Map detailed.

Map superimposed over a modern road map.

Map superimposed over a modern aerial.



  1. Where are they ? Nice pics but incomplete dialogue.

    1. In Haydenville/Red Onion-South Greensburg Pennsylvania

  2. time to get a crew with shovels !

  3. I'm originally from Redonion many years ago. Somewhere I have better info on the coke ovens at MarthaBell -it maybe on the Hammer Plan of lots for sale or Coal Mine State Records
    I know they were located in the hollow along Jacks Run and saw bricks as a kid (1950's) but don't recall seeing ovens per se

    Jacks Run GPS

    40.276056, -79.557985

    I thought info I had is that there were about a dozen coke ovens and the coal was from Greensburg #1 located by the route30/119 bypass on the eastern side. Where the ovens were located -above Jacks Run-was bulldozed for some reason -maybe flood control or a new water line and it will be hard to find anything of size.

    1. Thanks for the info. Let me know if you come across anything.

  4. I grew up on Hunter Rd, where it used to end at the Carbon/Swede Hill Rd Just below the Block Plant there was a line of coke ovens that ran to the west. I think there were about 12 of them, I think they were bulldozed when Cool Valley Estates was built. This was in the late 40's ,59's. Pete Cruder

    1. Thanks Pete. I was always wondering when they took those out. Does anybody have any photos? I know that's a long shot....