Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ellen Coke Works

There were four Ellen Mines and Coke Works located south of  Whitney, PA. They were owned by the Whyel Coke Company of Uniontown and were served by the Unity Branch of The Pennsylvania Railroad. 

 Ellen Coke Works 1 and 2 date back to circa 1910. In 1915 the No. 1 Coke Works contained 40 ovens and No. 2 contained 50. No. 3 and No. 4 probably came after 1915 and it is unclear when any of them closed.

I'm unsure which Ellen Coke Works these ovens belong to but they are located on private property south of Armel Road.

Any information on The Ellen Mine and Coke Works would be greatly appreciated.

Heading back to the bank.

None of these ovens had any of their fronts.

These ovens were bigger than most.

This is the most intact of all the ovens. The only one with a complete trunnel hole.

There was a few of these wooden boxes with numbered metal plates laying around. I'm not sure if they are related to the mine or not.

The property is well kept.

Small stack of bricks.

It looks like these blocks grew with the trees. I've never seen this before.

Some nice fire brick.

I'm not sure what this is either.

This is the greatest example of how trees destroy old coke ovens that I've ever found.

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