Saturday, November 30, 2013

Derry No. 2 Coke Works/Red Shaft

I have been unable to find much information on the Red Shaft Mine and Coke Works. These coke ovens sit along Panizzi Road in Derry Township and are almost the entire length of the road. The ovens in the middle still have their fronts but the rest appear to missing them. They sit behind a cattle field and Union Run and also seem accessible from Pandora Road but there is an electric fence. I took a couple pictures from the road but hope to talk with the farmer at some point to see if I can get back there. 

The ovens sit along the old Bradenville Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad heading up to Superior. This rail line dates back to circa 1901.  This branch does not appear on the 1900 map. Comparing Red Shaft Coke Works to the other coke works in the area could possibly date them to around 1901-1903. 

Anybody with any information on Red Shaft or if you know the property owner, please contact me. 

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