Sunday, November 3, 2013

Puritan No.1 Coke Works

There were approximately six Puritan mines and coke plants in this area. I haven't been able to find any resources indicating which one this is. I actually stumbled upon these ovens by accident driving from Hoover to Leckrone. They sit right along Puritan Road on the old Monongahela Railroad line. 

More than likely these are either Puritan Coke Works No. 1 or No. 2. I have been able to find that these date to 1903, were operated by The Puritan Coal and Coke Company of McClellandtown and contained 202 ovens. I don't know if there were 202 ovens combined between the two because there certainly are not that many on this bank. However, it is possible that there are 101.

Regardless, they were a nice find and the ovens are in pretty good shape. They are also numbered. I could only make it so far in because of how overgrown it was but I might try to make it back and explore it further. 

Update 3/23/14: According to the Leckrone mine map I was able to locate, the Puritan No. 1 Mine was located right here so I am calling these the Puritan No. 1 Coke Works.

Pretty intact.

A bunch of coke left in the back of the oven.

Oven Number 8.

Oven Number 7.

A nice intact ladder.

Oven Number 11.

This is where it started getting really overgrown.

Old railroad ties from a washed out rail bed.

Oven Number 6.


  1. Well Mike,what a find for me.My Great Great Grandfather Ralph Baggaley was owner of Puritan coal and coke for a few years before he sold to Frick.He had his son Robert as Superintendant of Baggaley Mine. I believe you were on Puritan Road in Baggaley.(between Leckrone and Hooverville) Wow! I probaley will never get to visit but you took me there!

    1. Hello! You didn't leave your name! I read your other two comments as well. I would really like to talk to you sometime if that is possible. On the left hand side of this page is a "Contact Form". If you wouldn't mind sending me a message on there we could talk more if you're willing. Ralph Baggaley was a fascinating man. I wasn't aware the area between Leckrone and Hooverville was known as Baggaley. I was only aware of the Baggaley in Westmoreland County near Latrobe. Thanks. for commenting and I'd love to talk more. Thanks, Mike

  2. I can't get contact form to work. I am willing to email about Ralph Baggaley,