Saturday, April 6, 2013

Marietta Mine And Coke Works/Wilpen, PA

These ovens sit above an old Ligonier Valley Railroad line near Wilpen. They are in pretty deteriorated shape. This complex was constructed circa 1907. The ovens were abandoned in 1918 and nearly all the coal produced at the mine was shipped to outside markets. The mine itself was closed in  1924. The tipple once stood at the southern end of the row of ovens.

This oven is pretty flat.

I'm not sure what this is but I like it. Big wheeled wheelbarrow.


  1. where exactly are these ovens in wilpen? used to live there

  2. Hey, Denise. They are off of White City Road. If you go up to the "T" in the road, go down the hillside on your right. There's an old rail line that goes back to the ovens. About 1/4 mile back.

  3. There are quite a few ovens in this area. The ones a
    Ft Palmer are right next to the road. There are some up the valley across from Wilpens bosses houses. Old Colony, about a mile up a hollow from the Convention Soccer Fields, are on property likely owned by the sportsman club. The ligioner library has quite a few high quality pictures.

  4. I have been there with my friend since we know the man who owns the property. I never new there was a mine next to it. Is there still a porthole to the mine or any thing from the mine?

    1. Not that I was able to find. They can be tricky to find sometimes. Especially if the area was stripped at some point.