Saturday, April 6, 2013

Scalp Level Eureka No. 40 Mine

This is a huge mining complex but I got here a little too late. I think they tore most of the stuff out of here. There are some other web sites covering this mine and I was expecting to find a lot more than I did. It was interesting nonetheless. This mine was constructed in 1905 and from what I can find lasted until 1962 but may have been leased to other operators as late as the early 1980's. The mines power house still remains and is a huge building. I couldn't get inside but did see a decent amount of machinery still remaining through a crack in the chained up door. Part of the tipple still remains and there is a very nice look out point off the road leading into town.

What's left of the tipple.

Entrance to one of the old portals.

Rear view of the power house.

Side view of the power house.

Some old machinery laying outside of the power house.

View of the mining complex with the village of Scalp Level behind it.

The large slate dump.